Using the “Find” Feature in the Individual List

find w arrowIn the upper right corner of the ResearchTies list for Individuals, you will see a “Find” search box. This feature allows the user to narrow the list to only those entries that include what is typed in the box. For example, if you are trying to determine if a person has already been added to the list, or if you want to edit an entry, begin typing the name in the “Find” field, and the list below will narrow. There is no need to page through the entire Individual list to find a specific entry. This same feature will provide a list of all people in the file with a particular surname, by entering the surname into the “Find” box. After your search, return to the full list by removing any terms that were entered in the box.

This “Find” feature is available on many templates in the program, and we are continuing to improve and increase its functionality.