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Share a Source from ResearchTies to FamilySearch Family Tree With Only a Few Clicks!

When the results of research are recorded in ResearchTies, they can now be shared with FamilySearch Family Tree without any duplicate effort. All of the necessary information is already available in the log. When a Result is recorded, click the “Share source” button in the bottom-right corner of the form.

Share source

A template will open with all of the FamilySearch required information autofilled in the form.

Share template

Add the reason for attaching the source, click the desired tags, then click “Share.” It’s that easy! The source will be attached to the correct person in FamilySearch Family Tree with the citation and a hyperlink to the document. After sharing, the FamilySearch icon will change from gray to blue to help you remember what has already been shared.

icon change

For all of our FamilySearch features, see the new slideshows in the Learning Center for step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

Using the ResearchTies Lookup Feature
Using the ResearchTies Share Source Feature
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