One-on-one Mentoring Now Available

two laptops

Many of you have told us how helpful it is to visit with us at conferences and receive one-on-one help. We continue to increase the number of our users around the world, so ResearchTies is now using the power of the Internet to serve you better. We are offering 30-minute, online mentoring sessions through the use of Google Hangouts. You do not need to live nearby to take advantage of this exciting way to learn more about the program.

Your mentor will answer questions, demo what you want to learn, and/or talk you through processes while you input data into your log. You will be able to see the mentor’s computer screen, and you can share your screen as well.

After purchasing a mentoring session, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. This will be followed by an email from the mentor, who will set an appointment. Instructions will also be emailed prior to the appointment explaining how Google Hangouts will be used. If you have any questions, please email us at: 

We hope that this will be an exciting way for you to learn more about ResearchTies. Take advantage of the Black Friday and upcoming Christmas Specials to share ResearchTies with others, or maybe buy yourself a nice gift this year!