Keeping Research Logs Efficient

Here at ResearchTies, we like to keep things efficient. Your time is valuable. Research logs require us to record the same name, same repository, and same sources over and over again. One of the features in ResearchTies designed to improve data entry efficiency is the green “ditto down” arrow. 

When researchers locate a record, it often includes entries for more than one person, such as a family on a census. To fully log this search, the full source citation needs to be recorded for each individual. What if you have twelve people in a family or are looking for everyone named Smith in a tax list? With ResearchTies, you only need to record the bibliographic citation once in the source list. Then, record the results of a search for as many individuals as apply to that search. In the “citation detail” field, record the detailed citation elements for the first person. For each additional person, add a new result and click the green “ditto down” arrow to copy the citation from the previous entry. This way, the full citation is recorded for every result, but the user only typed it once.

Green “ditto down” arrows are available in the results template for recording citation details, film numbers, and document numbers.

Ditto Arros
By streamlining data entry with a few easy tools, users will rapidly record full log information, improving their genealogical research and organization. Give it a try today!