Correctly adding FamilySearch ID numbers to ResearchTies

ResearchTies has the ability to share sources with FamilySearch.

Share source

This program uses the FamilySearch ID field in ResearchTies to identify the correct person on Family Tree. Locating an exact ID match ensures that the source is linked to the correct person. Because of this functionality, the source can only be shared if the ID number matches exactly.

When adding a new individual, if you are entering ID numbers with labels (PID: K8TZ-5TP), or numbers that are not current FamilySearch ID numbers (e.g. AFN numbers, Ahnentafel numbers, personally created numbers), then ResearchTies will not be able to locate the matching person in Family Tree, and the sharing function will not work.

To correct this problem, go to the “Lists” icon in the blue toolbar.

Lists icon

Select the “Individuals” list, and look at the FamilySearch ID column.


Every entry in this column should be four alpha-numeric characters, a hyphen, then three more alpha-numeric characters. If anything else is in this field, it needs to be edited so that the sharing function will work. For any incorrect entry, click on the “Edit” action to the right, and edit the number, as needed. You can always use the Lookup function or edit by hand.

Edit FS ID

When finished, click “Save.” Enjoy sharing your research!