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Program speed

Clock-IconYou may have noticed some slowness in the program recently. We have been working on it, and you should have seen some improvement today. We will continue to work on the efficiency of the site, and I hope you will have patience as we get everything launched. This is all very new, and we’re working hard! I appreciate the enthusiastic response we are receiving. As always, feel free to send feedback and suggestions to the support (at) email address.

Adding Searches tutorial

The ResearchTies Learning Center has a number of PowerPoint tutorials to help users get started with this new software. Tonight, a tutorial has been uploaded to explain the process of adding searches to your objectives. Previous tutorials include: An Overview, Getting Started, Adding Sources and Repositories, and Adding Objectives. Spend a few minutes in the ResearchTies Learning Center to quickly get up to speed on recording your research logs efficiently and effectively. More information will continue to be added, so be sure to watch the site for more helpful tips.

*2 Important Tips for Getting Started*

When beginning a new account, it is important for new users to know two things:

1. If you use the Gedcom import function, it is highly recommended that you import fewer than 100 people. Import or add only those individuals you are actively researching. You can always add more as you expand your research or bring in previous work.

2. When beginning your data entry, you need to know that the fields with the green add button are dropdown lists.


Always select from the dropdown list. If the desired entry is not in the list, click the green add button and a template will open to add the item. After saving, the new item will be in the dropdown. In a new log, many of the lists will be empty. Be sure to use the add button to begin building your list options.

Thanks to the RootsTech attendees

To all of you who we talked to this week, thank you for your enthusiastic response to ResearchTies! We are gratified by your interest and will continue to work to provide you with a quality product. If you have questions as you begin using ResearchTies, be sure to view the tutorials in the Learning Center, read the blog, and/or email us so we can help you get started. We will be posting more information as quickly as we can. Thanks for your support!

We are ready for RootsTech!


The ResearchTies team will be attending RootsTech this week, 21-23 March. We will be giving live demonstrations in the exhibit hall, and a full-hour class will be held on Friday (22nd) at 9:45 am, immediately following the keynote address. Come sign up for a 14-day free trial of ResearchTies and learn how an online research log will assist you in planning your family history research and tracking your documents. Many of you have followed us since RootsTech last year. It has been a long year of programming, and we appreciate your patience. We hope you will decide it was worth the wait!