Announcing the New ResearchTies Helpdesk

We are excited to announce that the ResearchTies Helpdesk was released this week! If you have ever wondered what data goes in which field or struggled with learning the different features of ResearchTies, help has arrived!

To open the new helpdesk, click on the blue help tab on the right of the screen after signing in to your account. It is located just above the feedback tab.


Using the Helpdesk

To open or close the helpdesk, click on the blue help tab. The panel can be left open, and the content will change as the user moves through the program. If help is not needed, close the panel by clicking again on the blue help tab.

The main section of the help material will provide instructions for the program screen that is open. At the bottom are links to descriptions of the toolbar functions.

Hyperlinks within an article will open additional instructions. These are particularly helpful when clicking an +Add button. When opening an add template, click the hyperlinked article to view the instructions related to that template.

To move forward and back between previously-viewed instruction screens, click the left and right arrows in the upper left corner of the helpdesk.

While the help articles are being written, some panels will indicate that they are Under Construction. We appreciate your patience as we complete the content of this new feature.

As always, feedback is appreciated to help us improve the program or any of its features.