Adding Data into Your Research Log and Using Lists

Have you just begun using ResearchTies? Or, perhaps this is your first time keeping an official research log. Either way, we know that the hardest part of getting organized may be the effort of getting started. So, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

What is a list?

Before starting to record objectives and searches, it is helpful to populate the database with the people, places, surnames, repositories, and sources that you use regularly. Information can always be added as you move along, but to get started it is helpful to add content tailored to your research. 

What is a list? In ResearchTies, whenever you add a new person, place, repository, source, or surname, the item is added to the appropriate “list.” This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, because each item is typed only once. For example, if you go to the repository list and add “The National Archives”, the next time you need to record “The National Archives” as a repository for a source, start typing “National…” and select “The National Archives” from the drop-down list. 

How do I add new items to a list?

To add content to a list, click on the list icon on the blue toolbar at the upper left of your screen. (It looks like a piece of paper.) From here, you can choose which list to edit. For example, if you have been doing research in Portland, Oregon, click on the list for “Places.” Next, click on the “+Add” icon at the upper right of the list. When the template opens, add “Portland, Multnomah, Oregon” to your list of places. Now, when you record searches and results, begin typing “Portland . . .” in the Jurisdiction field, and the full place name will show in the list. Click on it, and keep going. This pattern of data entry works for all the different lists.

What about people?

People’s names can be entered by hand, or by uploading a GEDCOM from your family tree software program. To import a GEDCOM, open your family tree software program (such as RootsMagic, FamilyTree Maker, etc) and create a GEDCOM of the families you are currently working with. Then, login to ResearchTies and click on the “Import GEDCOM” button at the left of your home page. Click the “Choose file” button, and select the appropriate GEDCOM from the file menu. Then, click “Upload My File.” After the upload process is completed, all the people, IDs, surnames, marriages, and dates will be added to your ResearchTies lists.


The best first step in using ResearchTies is to add the main information that you work with regularly in your research. Add names, places, repositories, surnames, and sources that you will need to record over and over again. This first step will provide some content to work with as you get started on your journey to better organization.