What is a repository?

In ResearchTies, users record information about the repository that houses each source. The questions have been asked, “What is a repository?” and “Why don’t you refer to it as a library?”

Genealogists conduct research in a wide variety of records that are found in many different locations. Not every record we work with is housed in a library. For example, research could be conducted in archives, county courthouses, internet websites, an aunt’s personal photo and record collection, cemeteries, and many others. These are not all libraries. In fact, the user may be confused if asked to record “the library” for a source that did not come from a library. The broader concept is that these places are all repositories for records.

When adding a Repository to your list, the template asks for a variety of information that might be relevant to the different places where records are stored. Fill in the applicable fields and leave the others blank. In the comment field, you can input whatever additional information is needed or useful. For example, include hours of operation, parking information, or whether a reading card is required.

Add repository

Consider inputting whatever information might be helpful to you when using the repository in the future. If the URL is recorded for the website or online catalog, the list of Repositories will be a quick “bookmark” to return to the site.

repository list

When planning an on-site research trip, you will have all the information you need about the repositories you plan to visit. Search the catalogs, contact the repository, use the address to create Google maps and find nearby hotels, and more. Information about all your destinations will be available in one list. Enjoy planning your travels!