What does “Family” mean in ResearchTies?

When using ResearchTies to track your genealogy research, the term “family” is used to represent the immediate family unit—father, mother, and their children.

 To add a family:

  1. Add both the husband and wife as individuals.
  2. Go to “Add Family” and select the husband and wife from each of the two dropdown boxes.
  3. Next, enter the marriage data and the marriage ID number from your genealogical database program (RootsMagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, etc.).
  4. Save the family.

add marr

The children are added as individuals, and they are tied to their parents by adding the marriage ID number of the parents on the children’s individual template.

Add ind

Each family is identified by the marriage ID of the parents, so “adding a family” involves only the process of selecting the two spouses in the “Add Family” template, then adding their marriage data and ID. Whenever an objective or search is created for a family, the user selects the couple who are the parents of that family.