Finding Objectives in ResearchTies

Earlier blog posts were written about formulating objectives and planning your research. After writing objectives, researchers frequently need to return to them to add new searches or mark them as completed. ResearchTies has a multi-variable search engine to help in locating objectives once they have been recorded in the software.

To find an objective, click on “Search Your Logs” on the home page. 

SearchLogsThe search engine defaults to “Objectives,” so there is no need to change the first dropdown box. Notice that the other defaults are set on “All.” Clicking on “Search” without entering any limits to the search will return a list of all objectives you have written. If there are many, or if you want to see only a limited number of objectives, narrow your search as desired.


It is possible to limit the list by person, family, or surname. Select the relevant radio button and then select the desired entry from the dropdown box. Additional limits can be added for jurisdiction, record type, and/or event. Any term(s) entered in the keyword field will narrow the list of objectives to only those containing the chosen keywords in the comments field. It is also possible to narrow this search to only the completed or incomplete objectives.

Each limit added to the search will continue to narrow the list of objectives returned. It is possible to be very specific and have only one or two items returned in the list. From the resulting list, use the menu options to add a search or edit the objective.


Users can also click on the objective to expand the view and see all attached searches and results.