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Data Entry Tip: Today’s date with one keystroke

A best practice for creating a research log is to record the work as it is being done. Rather than typing the date or using the calendar in the result template, hit the “tab” key. Today’s date will be automatically entered and the cursor will advance to the next field–all with one keystroke.

Data Entry Tip: Use ID Numbers

When entering research results for a person, most users begin typing the person’s name to select from the dropdown box. That is one great method, but the selection is a little more complicated when the person has a common name. How many men named John Smith are in your database? The name fields for selecting a person or family also accept ID numbers. Instead of typing John Smith and looking through the list for the specific John with the desired birthdate, type his ID number. It’s really fast!

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Confused by Evernote® Tagging?

Evernote has brought several benefits to tracking genealogical research, but many users remain confused about the multitude of tags that need to be created for every note. They struggle to use the same spellings and syntax to keep their notes searchable. And, sharing documents or creating shareable logs? It’s not easy! Evernote is generic note-taking software, and it has to be adapted for use by genealogists.

ResearchTies is software created by genealogists for genealogists. Programming has been done to eliminate all of the duplicate data entry required for easy searching, while sharing and collaboration features are built-in. Stop struggling with Evernote, and try the online research log made specifically for genealogy research.